I have lived in Washington my whole life and this beautiful, evergreen state has been fueling my creativity and love for the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I always tell people that my journey into elopement photography has been such a natural and organic one. I was raised in a small town at the foothills of the Cascade Range where I spent most of my early life exploring the forest on my parent's property, hiking local trails, spending long days at quiet river spots and just feeling a constant connection to my surroundings. When I discovered photography, I had that beautiful, all-encompassing “ah ha” moment. Combining my two passions to create my business has truly given me the most beautiful and rewarding life I could have ever imagined. 

When I'm not documenting love stories, you can find me hiking with friends, visiting national parks, reading thrillers, rewatching Bob's Burgers for the 30th time, snuggling with my dog, doing yoga (hot hatha is my fav), traveling with my husband and listening to music!

You're probably here because you feel for the world, your love, this life in all the same ways I do. You're an adventurer. You see the beauty in the smallest moments and are always chasing the high of the adventure. You romanticize our beautiful, fleeting time on this earth and cherish your time with your loved ones so deeply. You feel most alive hand in hand with the love of your life, turning up the music on the long car drives, not sure where you're heading but still feeling completely at home right there with each other.

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Your 27 year old, dog loving, hike obsessed, blundstone wearing, Noah Kahn on repeat, look at the moon kinda photographer




My husband and I first connected in 2012 when I was just 15 years old. I ended up going to a YoungLife camp last minute on a remote island in Canada where I met Dylan the first day (thank you Malibu camp!) and we've been completely interwoven ever since. We've been through it all in the last 12 years. Navigating dating while going to different high schools, moving away together for college (go cougs!), long distance, getting a puppy who brought us a whole new meaning of love, figuring out life post-college, surviving an entire pandemic, my struggles through years of being in a toxic work environment to spending everyday growing my business... Dylan has been my biggest support and anchor through it all. We finally got married in October of 2022 (which literally still feels like yesterday??) and we now spend our days in our cozy Mill Creek apartment with our mini aussie, Ash. In a life full of unknowns, Dylan has always been the thing I'm most sure of. Getting to practically grow up together and experience so much of life as a pair has been the most rewarding and special.

The setting sun that casts a golden glow on your skin. The way your partner's eyes light up during your vows. The deep sense of purpose and belonging.  
A day of intimacy and adventure all encompassed by nature.

Iced vanilla matcha latte

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Forever by Noah Kahan

03 song currently on repeat?

Mt. Rainier + North Cascades


My mini aussie, Ash

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JUNE, 2024

Missoula, MT

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Honolulu, HI

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Santa Cruz, CA

MAY, 2024

Chicago, IL

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Denver, CO

APRIL, 2024

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